The Childbirth Archive is a digital community archive designed to provide immediate and searchable access to archived childbirth stories. The Childbirth Archive aims to preserve childbirth stories and to provide information, comfort and understanding to an isolated community during a physically and emotionally difficult time. Contributions can be named or anonymous and can include oral histories, transcripts, written accounts or any combination thereof.

In addition to providing access, The Childbirth Archive aims to address a gender data gap by recording data about childbirth trends in United States from the mother’s point of view. Currently, the United States has the highest maternal mortality rate of any developed nation. This mortality rate is even worse for women of color. By collecting data, The Childbirth Archive hopes to provide access to and preserve information about childbirth trends for future research into this frightening reality. All data maintained by the archive is anonymous. Your personal identifying information will not be given or sold to anyone, ever. 

The Childbirth Archive is designed to provide access to childbirth stories; it is not a medical advice site. New mothers receive enough welcome and unwelcome advice. If you do think you are having a medical emergency or if something does not feel right, contact you doctor. Trust yourself and take yourself seriously.  

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